Terms and Conditions

You must agree to these Terms, Conditions & Services when working w/me as well as submitting any forms from the site. Please read them carefully. You can also return to them anytime. The Form Submissions are very important to help me grasp where you are and where we want you to be.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions before we begin!

Noelle Mena

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Once you submit the form or email for the services you want, I will email you to confirm details. I will confirm the package with you and provide the final cost. You will be given access to an online shared document between you and I. At first it will be a pdf file outlining the project. All costs decided upon will be listed there. Any additional costs you accrue will be added there for you to see in the live document.

Extra Charges would be any additional services you add on to your quoted package. 

Upon reaching this point, I will let you know the start up date for your services. There is always a Queue. But, if you are doing a Basic Web Package, Creative Consulting, basic a la carte, these can be fit in between or even during the time I am working with a full on Design client. So what looks to be 3 months from now on my site, could be worked in long before that. We will agree on a time. 

*The time you reserve in my queue is just that, reserved time for your project.

Payment is made via Bank Transfer. (I Use BOA) and will help you to make the transaction. It is very simple today, and using the email address I give you it is very secure. I have used Paypal for the past 10 years. You can use Paypal, but you will be paying the fees that Paypal deducts. You do not need an account with Paypal to pay securely.

1st Payment

A Non-Refundable 50% of your total balance is due upon acceptance and addition to queue. This total will be on your PDF file that outlines are project that was sent via email. 

You are not in Queue until I have received initial payment & it clears in the bank. 

Again, Non-Refundable. I am in here typing that one line again as it happened for the first time late 2014. A client paid the deposit, then found another designer who would do it cheaper. This is exactly why there has always been a Non-Refundable Policy in place. My budget matters to my well being. Just because someone changes their mind, does not take care of the hole in my finances. This is very standard policy across the web or reputable designers. You reserve the time in my queue whether you use it or not. 

Second Payment

25% of your total balance is Due on the Start Date of your Service. 

Final Payment

The Final 25% is Due the final week of completion not the last day. No Transfer of Login information is done until final payment is received and cleared.

If Payment is late, a late fee is added of $100 per week.

Clarification of how long I will set aside for your project.

Once we start your project, Communication & Quick Response are needed on both ends. I will always give you the estimated time I have allotted for your project. Life happens, I get that. It will on my end as well. But if I feel the project is not getting the attention it needs from you and therefore lagging on to where I cannot complete it, I will add a late fee per week of $100 until completion.

I have added that note above due to this happening for the 1st time. Please understand I am available for you when I assigned a slot for you in my queue. It is very difficult to have a ‘pile’ of clients at one time because projects run into other projects. Grace Abounds here. But I cannot let it get out of hand. It is too stressful for me and my budget gets off as well. Please know that I am extremely fair and patient. But if it’s over 3 weeks and it’s not done, we have a problem. Unless of course your project is a huge one. Like I said, I am very reasonable. 

During The Process

Communication is huge. You must be available. I use Voice Memos a lot. They are simple, and I can say a lot, saving time. I send them from my iphone and I have yet had someone not be able to listen to them. (most of my clients start using them as well) On mobile they are extremely easy to hear. We will also communicate via email. Especially at the beginning, when narrowing down the look of your site, I will need responses from you quickly to be able to keep us on track. I realize life happens. For me too. Grace Abounds. But, sometimes there are consequences that will result in a delay in your services being completed. It could mean your project being moved to a later date. This happens when I do not get a response within 72 hours after I have submitted contact to you for a response. You have to understand my time is reserved. Payments on your behalf would still be due at the agreed time. 

I use videos for just you and me to view. This is very helpful for you to be able to watch and me point things out while designing and sending you ‘samples’ as well as walk throughs.

All Login and Password information needs to be submitted before our start date to any relevant sites. I will let you know during our 30 minute consult. 

I want you to be Ecstatic about your Site!

It is not about me, it is about YOU. I am patient. I get it. It is a big deal. You actually want to love your site too. That is why communication is so big. I will help you. But I cannot do revision after revision after revision. I will cut you off so be mindful. Be prepared in knowing what you want and be able to get it across to me. I am very good at pulling it out of you. 

After Balance is Paid & Cleared, Services Completed

You will receive your branding files through dropbox links that you can download and save. There will be no ‘editable’ fies sent. Such as Photoshop & Illustrator Files that someone else could use to alter. If you need your graphics ‘edited’, please contact me as I keep all of your files just for this purpose. The Graphics I create can only be used for the original intended purpose. (Your Site or whatever it was created for. Branding is allowed on anything you use for your company) No Alterations are allowed or moving to any other site. Another designer does not have permission to work with my graphics unless they get written (email) approval from me. 

I will also include a PDF file of all notations for your site and any other ‘sites’ (example: Social Media) that we worked with.

The X Theme is the theme I use. I am a Developer for Headway but I no longer design with it. If you want to change the design/look of your site at some point down the road and do not want to go through me, you will need to purchase your own single license of either the X theme or Headway to keep it on your site. 

I will keep myself as main admin on your site so if you need me to get in, I can. I will also make you an admin account as well as your usual ‘Editor’ account for your site. You will want to just use the Editor Login I provide. If you login as an Admin, you will see all kinds of tech stuff you will not understand and it will be very, very easy to click on something you will wish you would not have. 

You of course do not have to let me stay with access to your site. It is yours! Please read about Monthly Maintenance and the importance of it. I take very good care of my clients. I will take care of your site for 30 days after we finish. Meaning updates like in Monthly Maintenance.


Noelle Mena | The Eclectic Designer will be diligent in working to provide you with the service that you hope for. Bringing forth a Design and Site that is a representation of your desires. Services provided byNoelle Mena | The Eclectic Designer, are provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind. In no event shall Noelle Mena | The Eclectic Designer be liable to the client for any damages (direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, or consequential), including, without limitation, lost profits, business interruption, loss of data or other losses directly resulting from the use of the website, designs, or services provided to the client.

I, Noelle Mena | The Eclectic Designer cannot guarantee the integrity of any data stored or transmitted through the internet. Anything Online is often vulnerable to hackers and is entirely out of my control. (Highly Suggest the Monthly Maintenance Package to help prevent issues.)

If your site is compromised, hacked or any other reason for it to go array, hopefully you have been using my Monthly Maintenance Package and we will have Back Up’s and I will connect you with someone who can help you resolve the issue.

Acceptance of Terms

By submitting your design project for review and/or submitting initial payment for a project, you are agreeing to all terms of services written here. Noelle Mena | The Eclectic Designer reserves the right to change or update these terms at any time without prior notice.

Noelle Mena | The Eclectic Designer retains the right to use the completed project and any preliminary designs for the sole purposes of design competitions, future publications on design, educational purposes, marketing materials, and portfolios.

A Design Credit link will be placed in the Footer of Your site by Noelle Mena | The Eclectic Designer. This link is to remain there until my work is completely removed from your site. Including both design work as well as web development as a whole. It is a breech in my terms to remove this link and all license to all elements of the site will be removed immediately and without warning. Almost all of my work comes from word of mouth and from people clicking these links. I take this seriously. Thank you for making it easy.