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Let's start here, right where you are now. Whether we start from nothing, build upon or tear it down and start again, welcome. I am Noelle Mena, The Eclectic Designer.  I've been designing + developing websites + print for over a decade. I use only self-hosted wordpress as it is the only platform you will never outgrow.  I offer custom packages that include my expertise for any + everything you need. I will be announcing a new course that will be limited to 10 spaces called, "The Obtainable Website." There is nothing like this anywhere. Subscribe below for updates.

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Web Design + Development


Web Design & Development

Start Fresh, Refresh, Build On, Rebuild! Where ever you are with your website I am ready to come along side you to get it where you want it.

Design for Print

Packaging, Brochures, Business Cards, Stationary, Book Covers, Invitations... Using your graphics or we will create new ones.

a La Carte

Tools to run your business. Email Set-Up, Leadpages, Opt Ins, Add ons to your current site like, a store, podcasting, calendars and more.

creative Consults

Brainstorming where you need it.
Reaching Your Audience.
Product Ideas
Resource Discovery
Get Out of the Rut
Vision and Clarity
One Hour at a time

Monthly Maintenance

Maintain Back End of your Website
Premium Security
Update Theme, Plugins
Complete Backups
Premium Plugins
Focus on What You Do
I do the rest.

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noelle mena

Noelle Mena | The Eclectic Designer

A lot of designers create work that they strive to leave their own mark on. We are here to create your mark. You might be here knowing exactly what that looks like. Or, you need someone to help you explore your vision and develop your brand. I work with a lot of artists + creatives, but I've also worked with a wide array of other businesses. I simply love the diversity. 

About Me


I can't say enough great things about Noelle! It would be a pleasure to work with her on any project. Even for a techno-phobe like me, she's made the process easy and understandable. I've also learned a lot from her about stepping out on faith with what God has called me to do. She's always available for questions or just to talk.
Nicole Kirksey
My two-week summer project involved a lot of complex parts and Noelle’s support and skills were invaluable in executing the faith-based wellness program. She was forward-thinking which helped circumvent problems in advance. In addition, she was very enthusiastic and motivating to provide much needed support during critical times. Overall Noelle provided an exceptional value for her services. I firmly believe anyone that teams up with Noelle will benefit greatly.
Coach Liz
Noelle is amazing! I hired Noelle to help me build a new website from scratch, which to me, seemed like such a big undertaking! However, Noelle made it seem easy. She is so genuine and easy to talk to; she just 'get's it'. She was able to see my vision and has done an incredible job with bringing my style into the web design. Thanks Noelle!
Lisa Osborn
My husband Peter and I were very impressed by Noelle's efficiency, professionalism, courtesy, and her willingness to catch the vision of this next phase of our ministry. Noelle, is patient, talented and gifted and she cares about the end result being exactly what you desire. I could see immediately God was leading her. My ministry is like my "baby", and just as I did not easily put my own children into the hands of someone else when they were young, so is true with the ministry God has given me stewardship over for 15 years. However, it was with ease I released it to Noelle's creativity and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Noelle and the services of Mena Vision whether your needs are personal or professional. She went beyond what was expected. You will not be let down. I look forward to my next project with Noelle.
Lisa Shaw
When I think of Noelle, I think of a fun, energetic, motivated, driven and powerful world changer. She is absolutely, hands-down one of the most dedicated women I know. As a Webinar Host for CWA, I had lots of questions for her while learning how to set up webinars through her system and how to do it so that my audience would get a ton of value with as few technical glitches as possible. She was not only a great coach because of her patience, but she was also creative and gave great ideas that I could easily run with to make my webinars stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to partner with an amazing, fun and energetic God's Girl, then you must meet Noelle. I am honored to be in her space day in and out.
Maruxa Murphy
Noelle's knowledge of design, building a website, integrating multiple platforms and attention to aesthetics was so important and appreciated when I was looking to rebuild my website last year. She not only brought knowledge and skill, but helped me gain confidence in my decisions.
Melissa Auclair
When it was time for us to upgrade our website into the 21st Century, we found Noelle Mena. We have never regretted that decision as she designed, developed, and maintained our stunning website. Noelle is personable, timely, and gives us instructional videos on how to make basic changes on our website (since we are techno challenged). We highly recommend Noelle for creating fresh, well-designed, efficient websites.
Rob Handelman + Connie Louie-Handelman
Noelle has passion for her work and to bring out the best in everyone she works with. She has clear vision, focus, and meets goals on time and beyond expectation.
Julie Arduini
Noelle is a creative and personable business woman. Noelle has detailed knowledge of what it takes to make talk radio a success. She came highly recommended to me and hasn't disappointed.
Rita Schulte
Noelle's impact on our network has been priceless. Noelle Mena is one of the most talented and hard working women I have ever had the privilege to work with. When you come to she is the amazing builder of this site. If you ever need a web designer I can promise you that you will find no one better.
Jeanne Oliver
Noelle is a top notch web-designer with an amazing professional & creative edge. I have loved working with her and will definately recommend her to anyone needing web-design assistance.
Jennifer Gareiss
A passionate heart for excellence as she pays attention to detail and managing multiple people from all walks of life. Noelle is a trainer, a teacher, a mentor, and an encourager as well as an organizer and administrator and manager. Her energy is apparent as she undertakes each new avenue; her unbelievable ability to multi-task is apparent as she works non-stop to achieve her goals. It's been a pleasure and an honor to work with Noelle.
Jan Ross
Noelle is a very professional and caring woman. She has a huge heart for helping women and that is evident. Noelle Mena has the heart of a servant, and most importantly is very knowledgeable with videos, audios and technology in general. She is also a wonderful writer and speaker and would be an asset to your company or organization!
Dr. Daisy Sutherland
We had been part of a "build your own" website for our industry where you filled in the blanks. No one ever mentioned our website and it was boxy & boring. My life coach suggested I contact Noelle. We met on Skype and within that hour she understood I wanted personality, class, flare... and there was NO WAY I was going to get there without help as I am "website silly". She talked about things from Mars. But I could feel that I could trust her. I put it in her hands and just picked out pictures I liked. Which most of my pics didn't even work as I really don't get this process. BUT...our website is FABULOUS and she did a great job crawling inside my head & expressing my vision online. Thank you Noelle... we are not finished. I will be in touch after the New Year!! I want more of your magic.
Jill Hostetler
VIVIV The Salon
Noelle's goal setting bears the mark of both a great starter and finisher. Personally, I have been challenged and encouraged by her enthusiasm, encouragement and empowerment.
Tara Sloan
Noelle designed and maintains my website ( I love how the website turned out. She has been maintaining my website for 4 years. It requires updating every two weeks. She is a joy to work with on an on-going basis. She displays a careful attention to detail, and is responsive, positive, and makes great suggestions for how to improve the website. She works well with the rest of my team. I recommend Noelle without reservation.
Sara Holtz
My website needed a relevant design and more functionality for less cost than I paid previously. Noelle's visionary mind, creative eye for design, and expert ability to apply the latest technology to brand and restart my website brought my ideas to life! Organized, efficient, passionate, and productive describe Noelle's work ethic. As for client relations, Noelle is personable, patient, caring, kind--a joy to work with! I'm eager to hire her again and recommend Noelle Mena
Shannon Cochran
Today's Lady Virtue
It has been a joy to work for Noelle. She is kind and helpful, while calling me to learn new things. She requires excellence and holds the bar high! Working under Noelle's refreshing leadership has helped me to grow as a writer and business owner. No matter what task or adventure lies before her, Noelle has the confidence and abilities to get the job done!
Meredith Curtis
“Through Noelle’s great inquiry skills, she was able to elicit what I wanted for my website and come up with so much more than I expected. Her attention to detail shines through in creating a timeless website for me. She took the vision I had and turned it into reality. I can’t say enough about her professionalism and knowledge and I am very pleased with my website. I would recommend Noelle in a heartbeat.”
Rochelle Gaukel
Thank you, Noelle!! It has been such a joy to work with you on our three websites. You are very talented, creative and professional and knew exactly what we needed to make our websites "pop"! Not only are the sites beautiful but are functional and easy to navigate. Thank you for making our journey in promoting and enhancing the My Journey of Faith ministries websites extraordinary!
Sandra Hardage
My Journey of Faith Ministries
Noelle Mena was a pleasure to work with before and during our campaign. Not only was she very responsive to our questions in a timely manner, she also provided valuable input as to how we could get the best results from the campaign. I highly recommend working with Noelle and support her in what she does for Christian Women worldwide.
Debra Mazda
"I struggled for years trying to develop a web site that felt like “me" and represented the Artist I am today. It was not until I worked with Noelle Mena that I found someone who “got me” and was able to pull my vision from my head and heart and translate that into an online home that I absolutely adore. Noelle consistently listened to me and transformed what I scratched onto paper into a perfect site that reflects all I want my customer to experience. Her skills and professionalism made what was a daunting task appear simple and seamless! I appreciated her patience while I tweaked and changed along the way and she didn’t stop until it was ‘just right!’ My site was delivered on time, complete with extensive training and hand-holding through the transition. Noelle not only built a beautiful site for me, but she was also a cheerleader for my business and success. The highlight of my day is when a customer tells me how much they love my new website!"
Lorraine Bell
Noelle is one absolutely incredible woman. She serves, leads, dreams, lives with such passion. Her heart to glorify Christ in all she does spills over onto everyone around her. She is a visionary, coming up with ideas that would take people years to come up with. Not only is she a visionary, but she is also a developer, she takes these amazing ideas and develops them into well thought out systems. It's a rare combination to have someone who is a visionary also be someone that can develop the ideas. The creativity, the team building, the leadership skills she possesses make her one amazing woman.
Melissa Mashburn
Noelle conducts and operates an amazing organization, offers direction when necessary, and encouragement when needed. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity of knowing her and working with her. I highly recommend her professionalism and work ethic. She is creative, whimsical, and extremely dedicated to excellence.
Julie Gorman
I have found Noelle to be one of the most knowledgeable, positive, encouraging, and inspiring women I've met online. She is an expert in webinars, and is an excellent speaker, writer, and teacher as well. She is a woman of integrity with a strong faith in Christ and has a huge heart of love. Her devotion to her family is evident and inspiring. I highly recommend working with Noelle for your webinar or other online business needs.
Beth Jones
I started working with Noelle after I accidentally crashed my website. After first I was shocked and panicked about what happened with my website, but then I realized that I didn’t really like it - and now was the time to have a site created that I did like. I started looking at artist websites that I enjoyed and studied them. I found one site that I loved and after searching it, found out that it was created by Noelle of The Eclectic Designer. I contacted Noelle, who immediately put me at ease about the situation. I give Noelle huge credit for being very patient with me and all my questions. I’m easily overwhelmed and she was great with encouragement and doable assignments to help her begin. It’s very hard to pinpoint and articulate ideas swirling around in my head, but she managed to ease them out gently and translated them into pivotal creative components to be used in my website. I couldn’t be happier. She leads by offering direction in ways that I didn’t really know could happen. The girl knows what she is doing. I also love that she is willing to offer input or gently nudge me when she thinks we could do better. I highly recommend her and I love that she offers an option to still be available to help maintain the site. Being able to continue reaching out to her with my virtual needs is just what I needed. I feel so much better knowing that she will always be there to support and help me continue to grow my site.
Kecia Deveney
God truly gives us what we need at the right times, and our connection was very much a gift for both of us! Noelle’s knowledge of social media and how it all connects amazes me!
Alice Klitz

Let's get Started

Hit the connect button to take the next step to where you are wanting to be.
My Queue is usually booked out a couple months ahead. So do not wait. Connect and get clarity.