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In 2007, I began working online. I took a typepad blog and turned it into a Digital Magazine with over 45 Women writing and contributing to it. Putting together training that each one would go through so they could add their content themselves. Mercy. I’d never seen a blog nor for sure ever been behind the scenes of creating one. One look was all it took & I was hooked. I am my dad’s daughter. Computer Engineer. Taking that Typepad blog and customizing the back end to do exactly what I wanted it to do, it all just came so naturally to me. After a couple of years I sold the publishing company and went head first into my second company online.  Selling it in January of 2013 I made the decision to design websites full time.

Connecting so widely online the past 7 years, it was actually simple to stay busy designing. Loving every new project keeping my creative juices flowing. Everyone has different tastes. I love helping them find that in a personal way as well as how to relate that through a business.

It bothered me some a year in as I looked around and found designers that their portfolio was so dang pretty! Like they were all created through the same filter. Which can be awesome. You go to a designer because you like their style. I get it. But I want to bring out YOUR style. Your audiences style. What speaks to you both??

Design is endless! I will not put you in a box and I don’t even have a box to put you in! I will never be put in a box. We, our ideas, they are so much bigger than any box could contain.

I am a creative both online and off so I have a unique perspective & gift to offer you as your go to designer and business adviser/consultant. I see from both ends. I can get you over that tech line you have been so hesitant to cross, alone, because you are no longer going it alone. Let’s go together. 

I am an Artist

Like I said, I design online and off. Being a Mixed Media Artist and Interior Designer, I decided to open a new Division to my offerings here. It is a branch specifically for Creatives. Artists of all kinds. You can learn more over at Designing for The Creative. If you are an artist and the project you want to work on would fall into the artists categories (art; any medium, photography, jewelry, pottery, textile,…) than you for sure want to connect with me over there in that division. It is still all me! It’s different working with artists, so we approach a little differently there with your own art integrated.

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