Monthly Maintenance with Noelle Mena

Monthly Maintenance

Yes, You Need It.

Wordpress has to be Maintained. Theme + Plugins need to be updated at the right time. You protect your home, your cars with insurance. Think of what you have invested into your website. Time. Money. Energy. It needs protection too. Do not skip this.

Core Elements to your website

Let's break it down. You have your Wordpress which is you cms (cms= content management system) and it is at the core of your website. Here, we use Wordpress as our CMS. Then I added a Theme, that I have customized just for you. To bring in all the goodies we add Plugins. So now we have 3 elements to your website that have to be continually taken care of. It's technology, so of course it is always evolving and therefore always needing updating. Wordpress does Updates often because they are always making it better... and filling in security breeches. (We all know even the largest companies in the world can get breeched) This also means the awesome people behind the theme and all of the plugins we use are also updating their work. It's not as simple as seeing an update in the backend and hitting "update." Everything has it's timing. Wordpress itself should ALWAYS be updated to it's latest version. But if you update your theme or a plugin before it is compatible with the newest version of wordpress it could break part of your site or make it go down. Same with updating a plugin that is not compatible with a new version of your Theme. I have had many clients come back after thinking they could do it themselves. Some after learning the hard way. 

I do this all day every day

I build off the same theme, using the same plugins I have trusted for years. I know how they all work together. I know what I am doing. You need to know what you are doing. Hackers get in. Spyware Happens. Malware Happens. Passwords get Compromised. Vulnerabilities set in when anything on the web is not updated. The #1 reason websites get hacked is for outdated code. You cannot prevent all the scenarios, but you can protect yourself so that your site can be returned to it's previous state. IF you have a Back Up System and are Maintaining your site. You protect your home, your cars with insurance. Think of what you have invested into your website. Time. Money. Energy. It needs protection to. 

Paid monthly $55

  • Update the Wordpress Install

  • Update the Theme when it is compatible to Wordpress Updates.

  • Update any Plugins (and at the right time for compatibility w/other plugins & your theme)

  • Updating Payment Issues through Hosting and Domain as needed.

*The cost of these plugins are mine and included in your MM as long as you are on the program.  PRO Theme is the only Theme I use and you are covered with my dev license. Not you or any other designer. If you want to change the design/look of your site at some point and do not want to go through me, you will need to purchase your own single license.

My license for any and all themes, premium plugins are only kept on site while you are a current client through the design process and monthly maintenance program. At any time if a decision is made to no longer be on the MM program all licenses will be removed and the client will be responsible to purchase their own from the Theme/Plugin Developers to be renewed as per the via items conditions of each developer. My developers license for themes & plugins will no longer be on site to be renewed.

*IF your site actually gets Hacked... Repairing it is not included in this maintenance package. This is all preventative. If it actually gets hacked or something makes it go wildly array, I can lead you to someone to fix it using the BackUps I make for you. Then if there is any further repair for the Design end, we will discuss a quote.  **If your site was not designed by me, or if I designed it over 3 months ago and you did not sign up for this package, there will be a fee for me going in and bringing it up to code. Then it will go to a monthly recurring schedule.



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