Resources from Noelle Mena | The Eclectic Designer


A small list of resources I recommend. 

I've been doing building businesses + consulting for over the past decade and have been faced with all types of scenarios. Here are some things I can recommend. Some have affiliate links, this just means I get a very small % if you purchase through my link. (thank you) I never recommend something I do not use or have not used myself. 

- Hosting Your Website: Siteground. I have all of my clients on SiteGround and I have all of my personal sites hosted there as well. If you are doing a site through me, I will walk you through exactly what to get at Siteground. Do not purchase before we talk. 

- Flodesk: Flodesk is new in the email marketing field but their options, ease of use and unlimited emails and contacts lured me right in. I have been migrating my clients over and of course use it myself. My direct link will get you a 50% lifetime discount. This was simply a no brainer to me. I love how they are so on top of what is happening next and fits seamlessly with keeping the look of your brand in every email. 

- Learndash: This is what I use on all of my client's sites that want the ability to host their own courses on their own site. No more paying a fee out to another platform. I have been using Learndash for over 5 years after doing a ton of research. I have never looked back and keep loving to look forward as Learndash stays cutting edge above the rest. 

-G Suite: If you are running a business you need your domain email address. G Suite by google is professional gmail along with a package of tools for your business. I have used it since it was called Google Business Apps well over a decade ago. I get all my clients on it and set there alias emails up such as shop, courses, hello. (sample:, etc) I have it for 4 of my domains and use the calendar, docs, sheets, drive, connect to youtube, just so much. 

- Canva: When I first tried Canva years ago, I just thought it was clunky and frustrating. I am so glad I have headed back over in the past year for the sakes of my clients. I design in Illustrator and Photoshop but my clients do not. They can learn Canva. I take what I create and put it in their Canva account so they can update, make new, create for social media and more. Now I cannot imagine not using it. I upload all of their branding tools such a their typography, color palette, design elements and they can add and replace in any template. 

I am going to come back in and add more recommendations so keep an eye out.