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Let's start there, right where you are now. Whether we build on, build upon or tear it down and start again, you are in a good place. Recognizing that you need to take the steps in this direction says you are already thinking about your audience. We won't only think about them, though. We will be streamlining to make your website work for you too.

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Website Design + Development

I offer a basic business and blog package and then we build upon those to create your custom package. I try to keep it simple so you can do what you do best. My basic package is so jammed packed you might find it is absolutely all you need. The awesome thing is, the website I create for you will grow with you. So no worries to incorporate things you do not need yet. You can come back and get them a-la-carte when you are ready.

Knowing you want and need a website is different than actually making all the decisions of what should be part of your website. I will be with you all the way through the process. Starting with me listening. Hearing where you are at. Seeing what kind of online set up you are coming to me with. What has worked? What hasn't? What's not being addressed? How has your audience responded? If you have absolutely nothing in place, we still start with where you are at. We just have a cleaner slate to build on. Either way, it is about communication.

From the complete development of your site with custom layouts just for your content using Self Hosted Wordpress. To creating the graphics that will represent your brand. It's a process I have been through over and over again and never gets old. Every client brings something new. It is a privilege to be a part of this next season with you. I do not take it lightly.

When your site is up and running, I don’t make a run for it. And neither will you because as a client of mine you get video tutorials added to the backend of your site that are always up to date on running the backend of your Wordpress site. (this does not teach you how to literally run the backend of your site. It teaches you how to use the specific plugins we chose for your site) Using WooCommerce (your store) and LearnDash (teach and offer courses) I also give you access to ‘extra’ classes on SEO (YOAST plugin) and other tutorials I think will help you along your journey. *You will always have access to them.  Anytime. 24/7.

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My Queue is usually booked out a couple months ahead. So do not wait. Connect and get clarity.

Are you an Artist?

I design online and off. Being a Mixed Media Artist myself, and love for Interior Design, I decided to open a new Division just for other creatives a couple of years ago called, 'Designing for The Creative."  Due to my queue being so full, I have everything going through The Eclectic Designer again. I still own that company but I can only take on so many clients! I do so love working with artists, but I also love the challenge of other businesses. 

Please Note

Below you will see some price break down of what I do. I debate all the time to take this price chart down. Every project is different and this below is just some numbers to give you some kind of idea. Most projects run between $3000-$5000 when we go through and nail it down. This is not of course for the Basic Blog. I know $3000-$5000 is a lot for most people but I also know I could be charging $10,000 for the same packages. I dedicate my time to you and come to you with a wealth of information that you will be able to learn from. 

Add Ons


  • Custom Logo $150+

  • Custom Graphics in Complete Design of Website $500+

  • Simple Custom Typography Header $100 *You will also get the font used

  • Add a Blog $150

  • Import (Blogger Blog, SquareSpace into Wordpress $250+

  • Add a Portfolio $150 Includes adding first 5 items

  • Add a Store $400+ This includes adding first 5 Products

  • Add Store Products $TBD based on type

  • Import your Etsy Store Items into Wordpress $250 (WooCommerce must be in place or added at the same time)

  • Add Ability to Offer and Have your Own Courses On Your Site using LearnDash *Note my Learndash License Included. This is a very, very detailed set up that allows for complete automation. This cost could vary depending on setup. Starts at $350 But! Once it is set up, you own your content and can have/offer unlimited courses. Even have others teach through your site.

  • Setting Up an actual Course using the content you provide $150+

  • Add Podcasting $250+

  • Add Gravity Forms $40 for license & $50 Set Up and $40 per form

  • Add a Convert Kit | Pop Up | Opt In | Starts at $150

  • Connect LeadPages $150

  • Connect Infusion Soft $150

  • MailChimp Set Up $200 Includes Template using your branding provided. Includes using the same for initial sign up forms. Includes adding it to your website.

  • Google G Suite $150

  • Social Media Covers $100

  • Business Cards $100 Pulling from Your Branding

  • Add a Custom Specialty Page (in addition to what is part of your package) $75+ per page

  • Create Custom Video Tutorial for specific item not already included $75+

 Cost Estimation Only as it depends on what you have in place or what you don't. 

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Hit the connect button to take the next step to where you are wanting to be.
My Queue is usually booked out a couple months ahead. So do not wait. Connect and get clarity.