Welcome to Monthly Maintenance

I want you to be aware of the following as you are part of the program.

I set all sites to Auto Update WordPress at the Core. 

This is because WordPress itself should always be at the latest version. Everything else works around it. You might get an email from your hosting provider or even WordPress itself that your site has been auto updated. This is normal and you need not forward it to me. I know what is happening on your site. You can simply delete the email.

While logged in as an Administrator on your site, you will see alerts to update plugins and themes. Walk Away. Do not ever update any aspect of your site while on the MM Program. It could end up costing you more than money. Let me take care of all updates. Even when you notice something has said “update” for a couple of weeks. Trust me, I already know about the update. If you do not see me updating it within a week of it alerting, it is due to incompatibility to your theme or other plugin’s configurations. I know when it is all safe and working together to update each component on your site. Realize also, that all sites are different as each use different plugins. 99% of my client’s sites are on the same theme which makes me very aware at any given time what I need to about compatibility.

I have added extra security to your site as part of the MM program. If I have not yet, it will be added. This plugin does it’s job but you must do yours. Always make sure your Admin Accounts stay with encrypted passwords. Never use a simple password that you can remember. Never use a password that you also use with any other account. It is not worth it. You paid me or someone to build your site, you need to be part of protecting your investment. Make sure any new users also create encrypted passwords if they are above Subscriber level.

Do not allow any other people to have Admin Access to your site. It is not covered if someone else is in the backend making changes and messes up the site.

With the added security to your site, it will be very strict on you getting access to the backend of your site. It will lock you out if you try to get in with the wrong password, username combination. Sometimes it will lock you out for a couple of hours, other times it could be 48 Hours. So store your information well. Do not share it.

If you ever get totally locked out and need in, you can email me and I can unlock your account remotely. This will unlock your account, but if you do not remember the password, it will need to be reset as well and then you login.

Do not change your hosting login information without updating me. I keep this on file as if any issues arise I can take care of them.

Be careful with emails you receive about “renewing your domain” or “renewing your hosting” as there are a lot of companies that spam that info even though you will see your domain listed, it is not where you would actually renew. If in doubt, forward, (DO NOT CLICK) the email to me and I will confirm for you.

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Noelle Mena